[With the daylight soon to set, Morgana found herself with nothing to occupy her hands. She’d stayed in her chambers as per usual with Gwen; the two could always talk for hours and simply enjoy each others company. However, Gwen had other duties to attend to as well and that left Morgana in a bored state. She knew if she decided to sleep, she would be up all night and Uther wouldn’t allow it. Ladies did not sleep during the day unless they were taken ill—especially not the ward of the King. It seemed Merlin was off running Arthur’s errands, something that had become consistent for the servant. Morgana tried her luck by simply walking among the echoing stone hallways, perhaps she would run into someone who had enough spare time to amuse her with a conversation? A gasp of evident displeasure left her lungs as she turned a corner and lay eyes on the blonde prince whom she’d known her entire life. Without a word, Morgana continued a slow, elegant stride forward toward him]

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Camelot has been so quiet lately…


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Mergana RPers looking for more people to interact with!


My beautiful Morgana can be found here. We’d love more Merlin RPers to come say hello! Don’t be shy!

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At the hands of a sorceress and her beast. Uther and Arthur had been taken captive in the dungeons and… The creature was hungry for flesh…My flesh. And the sorceress has gotten to you, you were trying to protect us all—the people of Camelot. It was horrible and so real, I’ve never been more frightened… She looked so familiar.

I…It was just a dream, Morgana. Don’t…don’t dwell on it too much. You’re alright. Try and go back to sleep.

Thank you, Merlin… For being here and listening. It was so frightening.

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No light,No light,In your bright blue eyes. 


No light,
No light,
In your bright blue eyes. 

Morgana & Merlin ● Check Up



Morgana smiled to herself as he took her hand, wrapping her fingers around his palm in return. It felt… Exhilarating to say the least. “I’ll make sure to mention it.” She laughed lightly, following his lead until they were out of the castle and the bright warm sun was beating down on their dark locks. There was a gentle breeze in the air but from the looks of Merlin’s desperate attempts to keep warm, Morgana figured he wouldn’t appreciate it as much as she did. “Are you sure you’re alright to do this?” She asked with concern but even she was getting tired of hearing her own voice ask the same repetitive question. “Last time I ask, I promise.” She raised her brows feeling like something of a fool for even having to promise something like that but she cared for him thus feeling the need to prevent any harm from coming to the servant.

Now that they were out in the open, Morgana took it upon herself to lead him across the grounds of Camelot to where she knew no one would find them. Not that Merlin would be at all recognizable from afar with the layers he was wearing but she could definitely be found out and ultimately that meant the two of them being caught. She lead him across the large field toward the forestry that surrounded it. These woods belonged to Camelot so there would be no trespassers expected. Then again, crazy, unexpected things did always happen in Camelot but Morgana had a good feelings about this place today. Bringing him through the first bit of trees, she finally found her favorite spot where she often disappeared to when things got heated in the most unpleasant of ways between her and Uther. “I don’t think there will be any interruptions here.” She smiled, still holding onto his hand.

Merlin laughed and nodded, “I’m fine”, he was also lying through his teeth, but Morgana didn’t need to know that. Despite the disconcerting chill that seemed to have settled in his bones, he did feel better than he had. Walking outside after being stationary for so long was liberating. It was exactly what Merlin needed. He had counted on his magic to restore his health, but it seemed to be in a bit of a tiff at him and wasn’t cooperating fully. (Though, he noted idly, his magic had no problem bubbling with energy when he touched Morgana. Bias sod.)

As they made their way to Morgana’s secluded path of trees, Merlin couldn’t help but gawk at the area. It was beautiful, and Merlin had always been someone to appreciate small things, like a lovely clearing, in life. He leaned heavily against a tree, one hand holding Morgana’s tightly, and the other wrapping his blankets more securely around himself. He smiled lazily, opting to just relish in his surroundings and company for a moment.

Sure, the warlock knew Uther would be furious if he caught them (he’d jump to conclusions. Though, Merlin mused as he glanced at their clasped hands, those conclusions wouldn’t be so drastically far off this time.) But, knowing that, it only gave Merlin a cheap sense of thrill. Imagining Arthur’s face if he ever found out was just an added plus - Merlin thought it would be an amusing mix of disbelief and anger. He snapped himself out of his own stupor to discard one of his blankets. He laid it out beside him (albiet with some difficulty because he refused to let go of Morgana’s hand) and flattened it, using the entire length of his free arm. Once he was satisfied, he motioned for Morgana to sit on the cloth. 

“M’lady,” He grinned, “Your throne.”

Morgana turned to face Merlin as he against the large tree that shadowed them from above. She smiled at him once again, watching as the warlock adjusted his blankets around himself. She was going to offer him some help but he seemed to have managed it on his own and the last thing Morgana wanted to do was baby Merlin, that didn’t always go over well with men. Glancing over her shoulder, Morgana watched as the flags that stood high on Camelot’s walls blew in the wind, thrashing one way and then the other. She felt… someone excited knowing that they’d made it out unseen and come here, it was a secret place—their secret place. She didn’t worry too much about being seen anymore as her emerald cloak could easily blend in with all the green surrounding them and Merlin’s blankets that were and earthy color. Everything seemed to be okay.

M’lady, your throne. Morgana turned back to look at Merlin, her eyes falling to the ground where she found a blanket and her smile only grew. “Why thank you, kind sir.” She chuckled softly, lifting her dress at the knee just a little as she bent her knees and sat down on the soft material, her legs bent beside her. “And will you be joining me?” She asked, giving his hand a small tug to show that she wanted to be close to him.

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Morgana - Season 2

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